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The Other Side of 25

written and performed by Becca Hurd

Sydney The Old 505 Theatre:

Adelaide Fringe Festival The A Club

Melbourne The Butterfly Club

Rhode Island Artists' Exchange

Glam Adelaide

Channel 44

"A style that is strikingly casual, by director Ellen Wiltshire who catches us unawares with the philosophies that the show contains" 

Suzy Goes See 

"Fun, relatable and heartfelt"

Channel 44

"There is an unease that runs through the performance which entrances her crowd...  This is a human piece- it involves opening all the sense into what this cruel world is capable off"

Glam Adelaide

Produced Bontom Productions by Thomas De Angelis and Bella Debbage

Director Ellen Wiltshire 

Set & Costume Design Emma White 

Lighting Design Tegan Nicholls 

Sound Design Kelsey Lee 

Stage Manager Caroline McAllister

Dramaturgy Chris Edwards 

Original Music Sally Alrich-Smyth & Becca Hurd

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