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Ring, Ring!

Written Ellen Wiltshire & Ebony Rattle

Directed Ellen Wiltshire & Ebony Rattle

Sound Desginer Alex Mraz 

Costume Designer Petria Hogarth 

Cinematographer Verity Johnson

Stage Manager Emily Busch 

Worker Kaya Byrne 

Celebrity Shamita Siva

Scout Britt Ferry

Counselor Maurice Wan

Lover Lia Stark

by Ebony Rattle and Ellen Wiltshire
Presented at Theatre Works (2021)


November 23rd, 1963. The day after President John F. Kennedy was assassinated, a young girl scout is killed in a suburban street while walking home. A B-list celebrity, a questionable counselor, a blue-collar worker and a housewife are taken to the local cop shop to await questioning. A character comedy in a groovy 1960’s dreamscape. Grab your prawn cocktails, sit back on your vinyl chair and welcome to purgatory!

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