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Only Friend

Music Video for Approachable Members of Your Local Community (2018)

Richard the Totem Tennis Player | Keith Stribling

Margaret the Totem Tennis Player | Deirdre Campbell

Gym Goer | Callan Colley

Ballet Dancers | Harrison Sweeney, India Urwin

& Chelsea Haddon

Referee | Peter Tregilgas

Younger Gen | April Rose Desalegn, Nyx Calder,

Reilly O’Byrne Inglis, Jake Baysarri & May Tran

Older Gen | Jo-Ann Brinkley, Brian Shearer,

Shirlene Hatton & Tricia Hennessy

Director | Ellen Wiltshire
Production Designer | Brianna Russell
Director of Photography | Calum Riddell
1st Assistant Director | Alicia Easaw-Mamutil
Camera Assistants | Claire Harmer & Orla Hughes
Production Assistants | Adrienne Patterson,
Mikala Westall & Tait de Lorenzo
Hair and Makeup Artists | Eilidh Strachan,
Georgina Gigg, Georgia Moroney, Kayla Appino
Editor | Ellen Wiltshire
Colour Grading | Chris Downey at Thaumaturgy
Production Stills Photographer | Archie Chew

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