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Le Mariage Forcé

Written by Molière
Presented at the NIDA Directors & Designers Graduating Season 2018

Le Mariage Forcé was written in 1664 by Moliere. It follows an old bachelor, Sganarelle who is very excited to marry the beautiful Dorimene who will wait on him hand on foot. He's less excited after a conversation with her that provokes the realisation she may have more agency in the marriage than he'd like.  Sganarelle seeks out different townspeople to help him decide whether to go forward with the union.

The process involved an examination of stock characters and comedic troupes from yonks ago. A discovery of comic characters and a clown ensemble. Dance rehearsals. Pace.

Director Ellen Wiltshire
Set & Costume Designer Lucy McCullough
Lighting Designer Corey Potter
Sound Designer Fiona Harding
Choreographer Jade Naidu
Dramaturg Sally Alrich-Smythe
Production Stage Manager Justin Ellis
Construction Manager: Eileen Ortiona
Costume Supervisor Victoria Perry
Stage Manager Rose Mulcare
Head Electrician Lucia Haddad
Make-up Artists Indigo Fisher, Jessica Andrews-Devine and Georgina Gigg

Sganarelle Tom Matthews

Geronimo & Tailor Albert Mwangi

Dorimene Charlotte Grimmer

Pancrace & Alcantor Amy Hack

Marphurius & Alcidas Toby Blome

Lycaste & Tailor Alicia Fox

Bandonen Player Paula Tennant

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