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With Marlea and Rory our process was to create characters from a place of care, we developed the show from an investigation of the points of connection between the two characters. 

Director Ellen Wiltshire

Producer Marlea Correy & Fiona Crombie 

Sound design Maddy Monjo

Makeup/SFX Shamila  Rajapaske

Prop & Art Design Fergus Kinahan 

Intimacy Coach Emily O'Brien Brown

Operator Sam Stopforth 

This dark, comedic two hander explores shades of intimacy through physical injury, mental illness, grief and consent across a life long friendship. When suffering and sarcasm binds two people together like stitches hold skin, how do you manage pain that spans decades?

Kayleen Marlea Correy

Doug Rory Harmon

Gruesome Playground Injuries

by Rajiv Joseph
Presented at The Butterfly Club (2021)

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