Masters of Fine Arts (Directing) 
National Institute of Dramatic Art- 2019

Bachelor of Communication (Media Arts and Production)
University of Technology, Sydney - 2017

Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation
University of Technology, Sydney - 2017


Buffet at Midnight – Creator  [2020]
The Bearded Tit  

Dir. Ellen Wiltshire and devised by company 

La Finta Giardiniera composed by W.A Mozart
– Assistant Director [2019]

Sydney Conservatorium of Music  

Dir. Elsie Edgerton-Till, Prod. Sydney Conservatorium of Music Set & Costume Design. Isabella Andronos

Betty Breaks Out by Liz Hobart– [2019]
KXT Bordello Room

Dir. Ellen Wiltshire, Prod. Afterlife Productions, Set &

Costume Design. Isabella Andronos 

The Other Side of 25 by Becca Hurd– Director [2019]
The Old 505 Theatre (Sydney), A-Club (Adelaide Fringe Festival), The Butterfly Club (Melbourne) 

Dir. Ellen Wiltshire, Prod. Bontom Productions, Set &

Costume Design. Emma White

The Wolves by Sarah DeLappe – Observational Secondment [2019]
Belvoir St. Theatre

Dir. Jessica Arthur, Prod. Belvoir + Red Line Productions,

Set & Costume Design. Maya Keys

The Lost Comic – Director & Devisor [2018]

Aboriginal Centre for the Performing Arts

Devised by the company in collaboration with ACPA. Dir.

Ellen Wiltshire & Claudia Osbourne

Le Mariage Forcé by Molière– Director [2018]

National Institute of Dramatic Art

Dir. Ellen Wiltshire, Set & Costume Design. Lucy


Bread by Ellen Wiltshire– Director [2018]

National Institute of Dramatic Art 

Created with Talia Benatar, Kelly Matisse & Anthony Severino

The Tent composed by Josephine Macken – Director  [2018]

Sydney Chamber Opera 

Dir. Ellen Wiltshire & Riley Spadaro.

Ripe by Nicole Plüss – Director  [2017]

HPG Festival Hub (Sydney Fringe Festival) & Brunswick Mechanics Institute (Melbourne Fringe Festival) – 2017

Dir. Ellen Wiltshire, Prod. Claire Harmer & Alicia

Easaw-Mamutil, Set & Costume Design. Elia Bosshard

Blood Wedding – Assistant Director [2017]
Lend Lease Theatre -2017

Dir. Samuel Lucas Allen, Prod. Brenna Harding

Zoo Story – Lighting Operator  [2016]

Bon Marche Theatre 

Dir. Olivia Costa, Prod. Brenna Harding

The Canterbury Tales – Camera operator [2015]
The New Theatre 

Dir. Costantine Costi, Michael Costi & James Vaugan


Love Language – Director  [2019]

Dir/Prod. Ellen Wiltshire

Missed You – 1st AD  [2019]

Dir/Prod. Samuel Lucas Allen 

Only Friend– Director & Editor  [2018]

Dir. Ellen Wiltshire, Set & Costume Design. Brianna Patrice Russell

Beyond Here Lies – 1st AD  [2017]

Dir/Prod. Alex Willis

Carp – Director/Writer/Editor  [2016]

Dir. Ellen Wiltshire, Prod. Will Hall


Only the Beautiful – Production manager/Assistant Edit [2016]

Dir. Samuel Lucas Allen, Prod. Brenna Harding


Emu Wars – Production design [2016]

Dir. Ben Gageler, Prod. Alicia Easaw-Mumutil

Lemons – 1st AD  [2016]

Dir. Eloise Walker, Prod. Polina Pashkov

Frankie on the Fritz – Art director  [2016]

Dir. Vanessa Papavaros, Prod. Liv Simpson


On Hold – Runner  [2016]

Dir. Jake Nielsen, Prod. Alicia Easaw-Mamutil


Emma and Me – Director  [2015]

Dir/Prod. Ellen Wiltshire


Goodbye, Dominion – Production designer  [2015]

Dir. Tom Jilek, Prod. Ellen Wiltshire & Alex Willis


Robber – Production Assistant  [2014]

Dir. Ruben Field, Prod. Sarah Steel

Problems with a Girl and a Unicorn – Runner  [2012]

Dir. Ruben Field Prod. Brian Cobb & John Beohm